Reading Skills Summer Intensive 2019

This summer workshop is designed to help kids who have difficulty learning to read. Dyslexia makes reading a challenge. This multi-sensory program will focus on fun ways to learn and help your child be ready for school in September.

We will focus on gaining the skills necessary to learn to read. Dyslexia and other learning difficulties can be helped using a variety of coping strategies. Topics include:

Decoding—there are many ways to communicate. Phonemes (sounds), graphemes (letters), sight words, sentence structure and context are all part of learning to read. We will explore how to decode written language using the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Dance—integrating movement with academic study can help students learn and retain information in more ways than just “sitting at a desk.” Rhythm, sequences, and memorization are common to both reading and dancing.

Science—an overview of the human brain and how it functions, and why some people learn differently than others.

Accommodation—we will learn alternate ways to achieve our goals by studying the techniques used by many successful people who are dyslexic.

Instructor: Patty Iverson (with assistants and guest teachers)

Enrollment is limited! Intensive is located in Bellevue, WA.

Please email Patty for enrollment information.